Now you’ve downloaded this fantastic tool, learn how to use to boost your wine enjoyment, knowledge and also discover wonderful new wines.

#1 Learn More About A Wine You’re Drinking
Enjoying a particularly wonderful bottle of wine at a dinner party? Find out more about it (and impress your dinner mates with your knowledge about it), by doing the following.
> Scan the wine’s label using the wine23 app or the mobi site. Tip: get as close to the label as you can to capture it all and ensure there is good light.
> The wine23 app will return a list of possible wines it could be. Select the correct one.
> Or, simply type in the name of the wine or the estate, and the wine23 app will return with a list of possible wines. You can also browse by cultivar or price.
> Once you have selected the correct wine, you will see two sets of star ratings. One is the aggregate rating given to it by the wine23 community, the other is based on scores given to it in the major wine tasting competitions.

#2 Give It Your Own Rating
Now you’ve found the wine, you can give it your own personal score for future reference (how great would it be to recall your top rated wines when it comes time to shop?) Here’s how…
> Click on the space below the ratings to add your own star rating and your notes. How did it taste, smell, look?
> Click on the heart icon to add it to your list of favourites to you can remember it with ease next time you want to stock up your wine cellar, or buy a great gift.
> Click on the shopping trolley icon to add it to your wishlist. This handy tool will give you quick access to a list when you go shopping and are trying to remember that great wine you had a few weeks back!
> If it has been rated by other wine23 members, you can click on the reviews and ratings to see what others had to say.

#3 Share to Facebook and Twitter
> Want to tell your friends about your amazing new discovery? It’s easy to share the wine you’ve fallen for onto your social media platforms using the wine23 app. The tasting notes will automatically reflect, giving them instant insider knowledge too.

Happy wine hunting!




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