You’ve always been told that red wine and fish don’t mix, because it can leave you with a fishy aftertaste. But it turns out, there’s science to back this up. And it means that some whites may not make the best pairing partner for seafood either. What’s the common factor?Researchers in Japan identified the levels of iron that exists in the wine is what determines whether or not the meat works with it – or leaves you reaching for a glass of sparkling water faster than you can say “yellowtail”!

The researchers report that they haven’t yet isolated the compound in the fish that reacts with the wine, but they suspect it’s an unsaturated fatty acid, which could be breaking down rapidly and releasing the decaying fish smell when exposed to iron. How much iron a wine contains depends on the amount in the soil where the grapes were grown, as well as other factors such as how the grapes are harvested and processed. Red wine tends to have a higher iron content, hence the bad rep, reports With that in mind, we asked Wade Bales to pick three wines that work with fish – and yes there’s a red there too! Try them with this delicious recipe for Roasted Cod with Olives And Lemon, courtesy of

 Mulderbosch Chardonnay 2014 
This estate’s barrel fermented and lightly wooded style of Chardonnay has earned it a loyal following. This vibrant Chardonnay combines sweet and fruity notes with a strong citrus acidity.

Sumaridge Pinot Noir 2012
This subtle red from the Hemel-en-Aarde’s Sumaridge gets the nod as a perfect wine to serve with a mild fish dish. It may be young, but it has complexity beyond its years. Think ripe cherry and cedar wood smoke with a strong fruit finish.

Waterkloof Seriously Cool Cinsault 2014
Waterkloof talks about its “honest wines” and they deliver on this with this easy-drinking Cinsault that charms because it isn’t overly fruity. Only 12 000 bottles were produced and it delivers a combination of strawberry, spices and a slight earthy note on the nose.



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